Licensing IP for Advertising - the Benefits and Challenges

Wed. June 5| 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM | Licensing University Theater (Booth B79)

I will take attendees through the ups and downs of licensing IP in advertising. This is a unique area of licensing that offers Licensors incremental revenue and doesn't rely on retail support, product sell-thru etc. Many Licensors are looking at licensing their IP in advertising and marketing as a way to generate a new revenue stream and increase brand awareness for their properties. We'll provide real world case studies, such as the now famous 'Epic Lift' campaign which was awarded 'BEST LICENSED PROMOTION' at the 2018 LIMA awards. You'll case studies around a licensing clips, audio, characters, icons (such as Bruce Lee), video games and many more areas. In short, you'll hear about the benefits of this category (there are many) as well as the challenges (there are many of those too!).

Type: Licensing U

Track: Beginner, Intermediate, Licensor, Marketing, Retailer, Strategy


Born, David

Born, David


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Role: Speaker